Before the trip

Our guests are responsible for booking their own flights, but of course we always advise which airports are near the hunting destinations. 

You can bring your own weapon. But be aware that airlines charge for the carriage of the weapon. This can be both costly and inconvenient. With us you can borrow one of our rifles use our ammunition.

You can always bring your family on our hunting trips. However, the family must be prepared for what a hunt will entail and that the hunt is the experience itself. It is of course possible for our guests to go out and explore the nearby towns on their own.  

You can always be unlucky enough to fall ill before departure. We therefore always recommend that our guests take out travel insurance and cancellation insurance. Then you are covered in case of accident or illness.  

It is necessary that you have a hunting license in your own country and that you bring it with you during the hunt in Spain, in order to participate.

Always bring your hunting licence, firearms permit and passport. We will take care of all local paperwork. 

Before you go, it’s a good idea to check out where in the country the hunting takes place and the climate around the time of year you choose to travel. In summer the climate can be very hot, but in winter it may be a good idea to bring warm clothes too. Together with Thomas, our founder and PH, you will go through all practicalities such as clothing so you are well-equipped during your trip.

For most of our trips, you can borrow our rifles and use our ammunition. However, for larger groups it is usually necessary that each of you bring your own rifles as the numbers of rifles we have is limited. 

Usually the local ranger/tracker only speaks Spanish. However, you will always be accompanied by one of our PH’s who speaks English and/or by founder and PH, Thomas Kjær, who speaks English and Danish. 

We will pick you up at the nearest airport to the hunting estate. 

During the trip

If you fall ill during your trip, we recommend that you contact your travel insurance. Often the host will be able to help. 

In most destinations, it is possible to hunt more game than the guest has agreed in advance. The different game will be charged according to our prices on this page or as agreed before or during the trip. 

We always advise our guests to bring extra ammunition, at least 10 rounds. 

You can usually borrow or rent weapons from us if your own breaks.

It will always be the guest’s responsibility what size game he shoots. However, our hunting guides has years of experience and will be able to guide you to the right size. If you hunt less game than agreed a refund will take place after the hunt is over. If you hunt more, we will send you an invoice corresponding to the hunted game. 

If our guests shoot a piece of game and this is not found, it will cost the same as a killed piece of game. Our prices can be found here. 

We will take care of all hunted game and organize everything with our taxidermist. Once the mounts are finished and ready to be shipped, you will receive an invoice from the taxidermist.  

We take care of all your accommodation and meals during the trip. 

If your weapons don’t arrive to the airport, you can usually borrow or rent a rifle from us. 

We only offer hunts in areas where there is a good game population. However, as with all hunting trips, we can never guarantee that you will always succeed in shooting a piece of game. 

It is often possible to buy more hunting days. You can ask our hunting guide if this is an option for your trip.  

It is not possible to get a partial refund if you choose to leave early.  

After the trip

It is always the best solution if you can solve the problem when you are on site. Otherwise, you can always contact us with the problem. Always make a note of any problems or faults before you leave the site. Then contact us immediately after your return.  

Getting the trophies shipped can be a long process. Therefore, we always advise our guests to be patient. 

You will get your money back if you have shot less than you paid for. However, we operate with three fair chances. This means that if the PH/ranger has provided you with three fair opportunities and you didn’t take them, no refund will made. If you have shot a piece of game that has not been found, you will have to pay the full price for that piece of game. 

You have to pay for all the animals you hunt. So if you shoot more than you have paid for, you will also receive an extra bill for this. 

If you have stories or pictures you would like to share with us, please feel free to send them. 

If you notice any damage to your trophies when you receive them, please contact us and the trophy carrier.

If you have received the wrong trophies please contact us and the trophy carrier.